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Best in the economy segment, support liver functions.

Supplement intended for dogs and cats to supper liver function in failure or disorders of the organ. Regenerates and protects hepatocytes, accelerates regeneration and return to the proper functioning of the organ.

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It shows a unique urea cycle-regulating action, improves digestion of aminio acids and takes involved in the transformation of ammonia into urea, reduces its toxicity.

Especially recommended in cats, which as the main source of energy amino acids.

  • Animal species: Dogs and cats
  • Composition: L-ornitina, L-aspartato, Extracto de alcachofa común (Cynara scolymus)
  • Pharmaceutical form: Comprimidos
  • Posology and route of administration: Gatos y perros hasta 15 kg: 1 comprimido diario Perros de más de 15 kg: 1 comprimido diario cada 15 kg. de peso.
  • Indications: Apoyo de la función del hígado en caso de fallo hepático u otros trastornos del órgano.
  • Type of packaging: Caja con 30 comprimidos emblistados

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