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GeriatiVet Dog / GeriatiVet Dog large breed

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Comprehensive support for senior, helps maintain vigor and improves the mood.

Suplement intended for older dogs, specially composed for seniors requiring specific supplementation, reducing the risk of age-related health problems.

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It protects and supports the joints, urinary tract, acts immunostimulating, improves eyesight, improves heart function, support nervous system, prevents the symptoms of aging of the brain, controlling weight and protects muscles.

Specially recommended for dogs with deregulation of day and night cycle, and the weakening of the interaction with the owner, problems with recognizing the environment, donate urine at home. It can be administered independently of the type of the feed.

  • Animal species: Dogs
  • Composition: Glucosamina, Betaglucano, L-Carnitina, Luteína, HMB, Omega-3, Ácido alfa lipoico.
  • Pharmaceutical form: Comprimidos
  • Posology and route of administration: GeriatiVet: hasta 7 kg. - 1 comprimido diario. de 7 a 15 kg. - 2 comprimidos al día. GeriatiVet Large Breed: de 15 a 30 kg. - 1 comprimido diario. más de 30 kg. - 2 comprimidos al día.
  • Indications: Para animales de edad avanzada, especialmente aquellos que requieren suplementos específicos, reduciendo el riesgo de problemas de salud relacionados con la edad. También previene los síntomas de envejecimiento del cerebro.
  • Type of packaging: GeriatiVet: Bote con 45 comprimidos en caja GeriatiVet Large Breed: Bote con 45 comprimidos en caja

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