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Irreplaceable support in renal failure.

Supplement recommended for dogs and cats with symptoms of chronic renal failure. Chelator of phosphorus, served during a meal effectively reduces phosphorus absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, lowers serum phosphorus, reduces the level of parathyroid hormone, and reduces phosphorus excretion in the urine.

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Also complements potential deficiency of vitamin D. A highly palatable is the ideal solution for animals without appetite -the most common in patients with renal failure and uremia.

  • Animal species: Dogs and cats
  • Composition: 2.20.1 Aceite de soja, 11.1.1 Carbonato cálcico, 13.2.8 Chitosán, 9.3.1 Cera de abjea, 2.21.1 Lecitina de soja. Aditivos/cápsula: Vitamina D3 – 0,08 mg.
  • Pharmaceutical form: Cápsulas Twist off
  • Posology and route of administration: Perros y gatos hasta 10 kg. – 1 cápsula diaria. Más de 10 kg. – 1 cápsula cada 10 kg. de peso.
  • Indications: Producto de apoyo recomendado para perros y gatos con síntomas de insuficiencia renal crónica.
  • Type of packaging: Bote con 60 cápsulas Twist off

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