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BioProtect Paste

Absorbing and regulating effect, contains electrolytes and probiotics

Supplement for dogs and cats with acute gut microflora disorder, it reduces the effects of acute gastrointestinal tract problems and diarrhea. It contains two absorbers.

Ideally neutralizes gastrointestinal disorders and regulates the gut microflora. 

More details

For administration during diarrhea and inmediately after diarrhea.

  • Animal species: Dogs and cats
  • Composition: Dextrosa, Glicerina, Goma de algarrobo, Fructooligosacáridos, Carbón activado, Cloruro de sodio, Cloruro de Potasio, Cloruro de Magnesio, Enteroccocus faecium, Bentonita-montmorillonita
  • Pharmaceutical form: Pomada, pasta
  • Posology and route of administration: 1 ml menor de 5 kg 2 ml de 5 a10 kg 4 ml de 10 a 25 kg 6 ml de 25 a 40 kg 8 ml mayor de 40 kg
  • Indications: Recomendado en trastornos agudos de la microflora intestinal, reduciendo los efectos de los problemas del tracto gastrointestinal y diarreicos. Neutraliza los trastornos gastrointestinales y regula la microflora.
  • Type of packaging: Jeringa con 15 ml.

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