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Naturally and effectively confronts the pseudopregnancy.

Supplement for dogs with symptoms of pseudopregnancy. Can be used without hormones or as a supplement in hormone therapy. Unique antiedematous actios, astringent and naturally inhibit release prolactin.

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Especially recommended in bitches, which tend to pseudopregnant, can be use before the appearance of symptoms and in-the course. High effectiveness of natural ingredients is dose-dependent. Supplement in two veriants, perfectly tailored to needs. Safe, gentle naturally and without side effects confronted pseudopregnancy symptoms.

  • Animal species: Dogs
  • Composition: Minerales, Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus), Extracto de perejil (Petroselinum sat.), Diente de león (Taraxacum officinale), Castaño de Indias (Aesculus hippocastanum).
  • Pharmaceutical form: Comprimidos
  • Posology and route of administration: ProlactiNo: Hasta 15 kg: 1 comprimido diario cada 5 kg. de peso. ProlactiNo Large Breed: 1 comprimido diario cada 15 kg. de peso.
  • Indications: Perras con síntomas característicos de pseudogestación o también llamado embarazo psicológico y para suprimir la lactación en los perras en caso de destete precoz o aborto al final de la gestación.
  • Type of packaging: ProlactiNo: Caja con 30 comprimidos emblistados ProlactiNo Large Breed: Bote con 40 comprimidos

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