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Hepatiale Forte

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Supplement intended for dogs and cats to support liver function in hepatic insufficiency or disfunction of the organ. Regenerates and protects hepatocytes, accelerates regeneration and return to the proper functioning of the organ. Ir has beneficial effects on digestion and absorption of vitamin and regulates the urea cycle.

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Available in three variants, can perfectly adapt to each patient: Hepatiale Forte, Forte Hepatiale Large Breed for large breeds, and Hepatiale Forte Small Breed for small breeds and cats.

  • Animal species: Dogs and cats
  • Composition: Composition: Lecitin powder, L-aspartate, L-ornithine, Magnesium stearate, Soybean oil, Soy lecithin, Palm oil. Technological additives: Microcrystalline cellulose, Colloidal silica.
  • Pharmaceutical form: Hepatiale Forte y Hepatiale Forte Large Breed - tablets Hepatiale Forte Small Breed - Twist off capsules
  • Posology and route of administration: HF: 1 tablet daily every 15 kg. of body weight HF LB: 1 tablet daily every 25 kg. of b.w. HF SB: 1 capsule daily every 5 kg. of b.w.
  • Indications: Supplement for dogs and cats to support hepatic functions in case of hepatic failure or liver disorders.
  • Type of packaging: Hepatiale Forte: Box with 30 tablets in a blister pack. Hepatiale Forte LB: Pot with 40 tablets. Hepatiale Forte SB: Pot with 60 Twist off capsules.

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